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Messengers of the Macabre

Halloween Poems

by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
and David Davies


Poetry that prickles

Poetry that prickles

Messengers of the macabre

All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, Day of the Dead… during this interval, the barriers between the two realms are thinnest. Normal turns paranormal; what’s natural becomes the supernatural. That’s when the messengers of the macabre are in their rightful element. Step inside this collaborative chapbook and embrace a haunted harvest of verses embracing bewitchment, boneyards, and all things that go… BOO!

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praise for lindaann and david

Messengers of the Macabre is essential Halloween reading. Davies and LoSchiavo wield hauntingly elegant prose that puts readers in the mood for a season of dark harvests and creepy fun. Best read while huddled around a campfire under a slivered moon.”
— Joshua Viola, Editor of Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas and Colorado Book Award winner

“Spooky autumnal vibes — with a touch of dark humor — lurk within this delightfully orchestrated collection of poems. LoSchiovo’s and Davies’ skill and passion for the macabre will haunt you long after the last page.”
– John Davis, E.I.C, Ripple in Space

“From rips in the fabric of time to dark, soul-filled landscapes, the power of the two poets are on full display as they take us on a spirited tour of everything that’s haunted!”
– Fiona Chew-Mcleod, Poetry Editor,
Granfalloon: Speculative Fiction Zine

“A bewitching blend of the supernatural and the sentimental.

I’ve fallen through a rip in time tonight:
a book made of cat bones and twine.
A sharp thin blade where no one looks.
Keep your eyes upon this page.”
– Romie Stott, Poetry editor, Strange Horizons

“Necromancer LindaAnn LoSchiavo is a mystical maverick of paranormal poetry, a voice that knows how to enter the dark and find music in it.”
– Robin Barratt, E.I.C., The Poet Magazine

“LoSchiavo has a talent for packing meaning and emotion into the shortest of lines.”
– Yasmine Dashti, Senior Editor,
Fahmidan Journal

“Atmospheric, thoughtful and deliciously dark. If the essence of Halloween could be bound, it would be this slim book of sinister poetry.”
– Juleigh Howard-Hobson, author of Curses, Black Spells and Hexes: a Grimoire Sonnetica, (Alien Buddha Press)

Messengers of the Macabre is a delight to every devotee of weird poetry and the weird in general…But this book is no exercise in antiquarianism: the authors capture the essence of fear and present it to a contemporary audience in well-crafted poems and prose poems, and the sum total of their efforts is a potent poetic gem that deserves repeated re-readings.” 
– S. T. Joshi, editor-in-chief of Spectral Realms

“We hope you’ll laugh even harder than we did and that [David’s] work will cause you to reflect on where we might need a bit more poetry and a few less algorithms.”
— Lancelot Schaubert, author of Bell Hammers and producer, The Showbear Family Circus

“Their ‘Day of the Dead’ collaboration is another great segment! I love how this quartet kept building on the personification of Our Lady of Holy Death (Santa Muerte) bit by bit.”
Andrew L. Hodges, horror writer


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about the authors

lindaann loschiavo

New York City necromancer LindaAnn LoSchiavo, a wily clairvoyant, honed her psychic abilities during childhood and has the power to haunt any benighted soul who disparages this chapbook.

Some of her Elgin Award-winning poems have been seen here: Bewildering Stories, Blood ‘n Bourbon, Mermaids Monthly, South Broadway Ghost Society, Star*Line.


about the authors

david davies

Formidable dragon slayer David Davies left Wales under baleful circumstances for The Lone Star State. “Have sonnets, will travel,” announces his business card.

His Pushcart- and Bram Stoker-nominated poems have been known to appear in: Granfalloon, Green Lantern Press, MacroMicroCosm, Moon Shadow Sanctuary, Ripples in Space.

about the publisher

audience askew

Here at Nat 1 Publishing’s Audience Askew imprint, we like the strange, quirky, and unique. Our origins were the product of a string of jokes and shitposts that went too far; they went so far that half a dozen novellas later we thought, “Well, damn. Might as well legitimize this monstrosity.”


witching it up

the faerie review

Read LindaAnn’s guest blog post at The Faerie Review.

“Fictional witches come in many forms — good and bad, Witches of the East and Witches of the West, Baba Yaga, Sabrina, etc. — and yet all are appreciated because of supernatural abilities invested in them by wordsmiths. When a poem or story includes a witch, power is the key factor that sets the character apart.”


the movie of the book

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merchandise of the macabre

artist: Ben Agum

Messengers of the Macabre features exclusive original art by renowned papercut artist Benyamin Agum; the perfect accompaniment to to the tales of mystery and magic lurking within the pages.

Ben’s designs are now available for purchase from Cafe Press. What better to wear at Halloween…or any other time you’re feeling cute and spooky?


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about the authors

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